Job and “The Problem of Pain”

According to Zophar in today’s Daily Office reading (Job 11), by simply devoting the heart and stretching our hand to God, we can ensure that things will go right for us on this earth. You can’t know God, all you can do is control your own attitude and actions.

Although our instincts tell us this is a shallow point of view, which does not address the things we see every day–pain experienced by good people–we still live as though we believe it. We tell our children to act right, to walk in the light, and their lives will be better. We know this over simplifies things and in some ways is even a lie. But, what else can we say? It couldn’t hurt.

Zophar says we can’t know God, so keep things simple. Be good. Hope for the best.

We are fortunate to know there is a higher and stronger truth: God intends to reveal himself to us. He can be known, though “through a glass darkly.” How does this change our thinking about “the problem of pain?”


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