Stephen Hawking Utters More Incomprehensible Drivel via

Are we “lords of creation,” or creations of The Lord.  Stephen Hawking says that since we are accidents of an unintelligent yet somehow intelligible universe, we are god-like.  Read the entire article and make up your own mind. And remember, just because Stephen Hawking says it’s so doesn’t necessarily make it so.

“Our universe seems to be one of many, each with different laws. That multiverse idea is not a notion invented to account for the miracle of fine tuning. It is a consequence predicted by many theories in modern cosmology. If it is true it reduces the strong anthropic principle to the weak one, putting the fine tunings of physical law on the same footing as the environmental factors, for it means that our cosmic habitat—now the entire observable universe—is just one of many.

Each universe has many possible histories and many possible states. Only a very few would allow creatures like us to exist. Although we are puny and insignificant on the scale of the cosmos, this makes us in a sense the lords of creation.”  via Stephen Hawking on God, Science and the Origins of the Universe –


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