Good content artfully delivered

First read this article…

“They wanted to put a catheter in her, do this other stuff to her,” her mother, Dawn, told me. “I said, ‘No. You aren’t going to do anything to her.’ I didn’t care if she wet her bed. They wanted to do lab tests, blood-pressure measurements, finger sticks. I was very uninterested in their bookkeeping. I went over to see the head nurse and told them to stop.” via Hospice medical care for dying patients : The New Yorker.

Take a deep breath and reflect on it–both the content and the delivery. Then read this…

“According to all sorts of “how-to” sites, one of the most important rules for online writing is to keep it short. Well, try telling that to Atul Gawande and his legion of readers. Known for his superb long-form essays and books, Gawande recently published a masterful piece in the New Yorker about death and dying. I plugged the full text into Word and it weighs in at a monstrous 12,000 words. This is a feature that makes Wired articles look like paragraphs.

And yet, its copious length flies by.”  via Deconstructing Gawande – why narrative and structure are important, Discover Magazine.


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