“Chile Wants to Borrow US Entrepreneurs”–Let’s borrow theirs, too.

“Starting next week, Chile will offer $40,000 grants and free office space in Santiago to 25 US entrepreneurs who agree to live and work on a new venture there for up to six months.

Unlike US micro-incubator programs, Chile doesn’t want an equity stake in the company, says the program’s director Nicolas Shea Carey. They simply want US entrepreneurs to live in Chile, get to know the country and share a global perspective with Chilean entrepreneurs, while they’re working on the early phases of their business.

“The minute you step onto Chilean soil there will be a mentor waiting…” via Chile Wants to Borrow US Entrepreneurs for $40,000 – Maureen Farrell – Scaling Up – Forbes.”

What a sharp concept. I visited Chile as a student at Belmont University’s Massey Graduate School of Business and learned a lot in a short period of time.

I suspect a fair percentage of those who win this opportunity to work in Chile will choose to stay. But, the best deal for everyone would be for entrepreneurs to go there and return, having forged new business relationships that will benefit both countries.

In fact, why not take this a step forward and create a reciprocal program in the U.S. that creates and incentive for Chilean entrepreneurs to come here?

Read the article, see what you think.


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