The Traffic Guru: Are We Ready to Believe Him?

No. We’re not ready to believe him, even though his message is a whole-grain bread of good common sense topped with a layer of the fresh butter of libertarian-ish thought.

Is it possible we can prove that if you leave people alone, they figure things out?Unless they don’t for a while. Then they do again. Perhaps, just perhaps, we’re better off in the long run if we let people regulate themselves?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop cluttering our field of vision with miserable traffic signs?

Read the story… What do you think? Are there other areas of life where we could remove the “traffic signs” and live responsibly?

An unassuming Dutch traffic engineer showed that streets without signs can be safer than roads cluttered with arrows, painted lines, and lights. Are we ready to believe him? via The Wilson Quarterly: The Traffic Guru by Tom Vanderbilt.


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