“Mood altering grits”

The August 7 episode of A Prairie Home Companion includes a selection of  “listener requests,” past sketches and monologs listeners asked to hear again. The whole program is fun, but the selected episode of “Guy Noir, Private Eye” includes mention of “mood altering grits.” Now that’s funny, and it’s funny because it’s true. A good batch of grits can definitely alter your mood.

Listen to it here… the Guy Noir story starts at about 80:00 if you’d like to skip to it.

I have mixed emotions about A Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor’s stories are always entertaining and insightful. How does he do that over and over again? Genius.  However, I’d rather he didn’t feature himself singing so much. I don’t blame him for wanting to sing at all, but his propensity to sing duets with great artists and groups wears me out a bit.  I’d just rather he didn’t join them. But, I do like the music on the program.

A few years ago he came to Nashville’s Southern Festival of Books to promote one of his books, appearing in War Memorial Auditorium. He performed a reading from his book, of course, but also took the opportunity to lead the crowd of 1,900 in a hymn. I wish I could remember which hymn. But, he had us singing harmony and it was a great experience. People from all over town and all over the South from all different backgrounds brought together for a few minutes to sing in harmony. It can be done.  He did it.

We don’t do enough singing together, do we? I guess if Garrison Keillor can find a way to make that happen, I can put up with his singing on A Prairie Home Companion.


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