Friedman on “The Great Double Game”

Thomas Friedman’s writing is sometimes fraught with hype, sometimes sober and rational. Reader beware. But, in his recent “Double Game” column, he pitches one right down the middle of the strike zone.

It’s time we asked the question: Haven’t we proved our point, that we can reach and disrupt Al Qaeda in even the most remote regions of the world?  Having done that, what would it hurt to walk away? Don’t we have the resources, the technology, and the tenacity to thwart the enemies of our ideals without occupying a blighted place not just half-way, but all the way around the world?

Please read the whole Friedman column.

“China supports Pakistan, seeks out mining contracts in Afghanistan and lets America make Afghanistan safe for Chinese companies, all while smiling at the bloody nose America is getting in Kabul because anything that ties down the U.S. military makes China’s military happy. America, meanwhile, sends its soldiers to fight in Afghanistan at the same time that it rejects an energy policy that would begin to reduce our oil consumption, which indirectly helps to fund the very Taliban schools and warriors our soldiers are fighting against.” via Op-Ed Columnist – The Great Double Game –


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