OReilly Radar Blog Addresses Security Choices

I’ve been saying that we surely do not want to give our politicians “god-like” powers to allocate resources for unreasonable security procedures. Reducing our risk to zero is surely not a way we want to spend our resources, and anyway, it’s not possible. All this does is ratchet up the power-base of the politicians and bureaucrats who who control the resources. Joshua-Michéle Ross cites a CNN article and adds his analysis, putting finger on part of the problem–something called “security theater.”

After the recent foiled airline bomb incident one thing seems clear; we are constantly retrofitting our security measures to defend ourselves against the last attack. Often these measures seem like what Bruce Schneier in a great CNN article calls “Security Theater.” (via Airline Security and Proportional Response – OReilly Radar.)

Our politicians are not going to be honest about the cost/benefits Homeland Security unless we hold them accountable for it. And unless we’re willing to shed black and white thinking about our security strategies.


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